Returning to the Field: The Story of Kenny Anunike

Recoup Fitness is proud to have the endorsement of Kenny Anunike, number 91, Defensive End for the Denver Broncos. Kenny is a classy, intelligent, and talented athlete, brimming with potential. He exudes a passion for life in everything he does, and the results of his work ethic, film study, and rigorous workouts shine on the field. He draws universal praise from the Broncos coaching staff and teammates.  

Unfortunately, Kenny is no stranger to injury.

Back at Duke Kenny suffered multiple knee injuries and corresponding surgeries. Always one to adopt a positive perspective, he took his recovery seriously, one day at a time. It was always a long process but every time he came back, he was stronger and better. He went undrafted in 2014, but took the set-back in stride. In the time shortly following the draft the Broncos recognized his talent and potential and signed him. He worked his butt off to become a great player for his new team. He put on weight to reach 280lbs, on a 6'6" frame.  

Despite his hard work and preparation, his first year in the league was marred by tearing his bicep completely from the bone during the last preseason game. The Broncos put him on IR but kept him on the team due to their respect for him and his potential as a player. Keeping things in perspective, Kenny made good use of his time away from the football field by returning to Duke to complete his masters degree. While in school Kenny kept training and worked at recovering from his injury. His pain was often severe, due to the magnitude of the injury. He tried everything he knew to get rid of the pain but nothing helped.  

Matt and Kenny met in the spring and Matt showed him the Stinger. Kenny fell in love with it. The Stinger gave him the instant relief he couldn't find anywhere else. He adopted it as a lynch-pin of his injury recovery, and his general fitness routine. He uses it when he studying his play book, and after the harsh wear and tear of practice. 

Kenny made a triumphant return in 2015. His first preseason game he lead the team in tackles while causing a sack fumble. Unfortunately a few weeks later he suffered from another knee injury and had a knee scope. He made the team again however, and this time with a strong chance to come back and play. He used the Stinger to help his knee speed his return to the field. He made his return and season debut in the Bronco's game 6 against the Cleveland Browns. 

We all look forward to a bright career from Kenny and hope that our product can help keep him at his best and on the field. 

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Update 3-16-16:

Kenny and the Broncos accomplished the greatest team accomplishment in Pro Football, by winning Superbowl 50. Congratulations Kenny, and we look forward to seeing your career blossom!


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