Rachel Pyron's Fitness Journey


Rachel Pyron is a professional Woman's strongman competitor. We are grateful for the opportunity to share her story in her own words:

Rachel Pyron's Fitness Journey

" I had never spent much time in a gym until my freshman year of college. I was struggling with depression and really, I wasn’t sure I would make it through the first semester. I finally went to the Rec Center on campus, which we were very fortunate to have a fairly new facility. I just stepped onto a treadmill because it was about the only thing in there I knew how to use. Soon, I was addicted to running, eventually running a ½ marathon in 2006 and a full marathon in 2007. Shortly after I had stress fractures in my feet and I resorted to lifting weights as I could no longer run the long distances. I was working front desk at a gym, and was encouraged to enter a bodybuilding show. I honestly had no idea what it would entail, but after watching one, I decided the next year, 2009 I would compete. I place 2nd in two shows and won the overall the following year in 2010.

However, I never competed as a pro. I really struggled following that year to respond to dieting. My body just wouldn’t lean down no matter what diet I followed and mentally I was falling into a phase of depression again. Previous habits involving eating disorders resurfaced and I was mentally breaking down. 

I soon met a coworker in 2011 that suggested that I try strongman. I had never known strongman was offered at the amateur level, I really knew nothing about it. But after showing up one Saturday and pressing a log overhead and moving one implement up the power stairs, I was hooked. I competed in my first strongman(woman) contest in 2012 and have now been to Nationals 3 years, and will be going to the Arnold Classic for the Amateur Strongman(woman) World Championships for the 3rd time in March 2016. I honestly can’t say enough about what the sport has done for me personally. I have overcome more than I would ever imagine possible and have met the most amazing people through competing. Strength training is an endless challenge, and always has me wanting to push for more. I often feel beat up and exhausted from training, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I am so grateful I was introduced to the sport of strongman, I hope to encourage other women to try something that seems daunting and impossible, but with determination they can achieve much more than they may think."

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