3 Reasons to Ice After a Workout

Ice is one of the oldest and best remedies for curing pain, injury, and giving relief. It is cheap, easy to do, and it helps our bodies repair naturally. Here are 3 (of the many) benefits of icing!

1) Reduce swelling

After a hard day at the gym, our muscles develop micro-tears. Repairing these tiny tears allows the muscle to grow and gain strength. Our natural blood flow repairs these muscles but slows when inflammation acts a barrier in blood transportation. Icing after a workout takes down inflammation eliminating this barrier allowing the muscle to heal quicker. Start icing down after workouts for faster recovery, and a higher performance workout next time.
2) Flushing Out Lactic Acid
Lactic acid is mentioned all the time. What exactly is Lactic Acid? Lactic Acid is a byproduct of a muscle's energy creation process. When performing stressful and high energy workouts, lactic acid and other metabolic waste products build up faster than the body can process them. In high concentrations, these waste products contribute to muscle fatigue and later, can slow the recovery process. Icing causes the blood vessels to contract which pushes out the byproducts (think of a push pop) the body does not need. This helps decrease soreness after a workout.
3) Rewarming
The most relieving part of icing is when it is over. Our bodies rewarm and the stinging pain of ice goes away. Our blood vessel gates open wider than normal increasing natural blood flow to the cold area. Our body needs to warm up that area as fast as possible. Naturally increasing blood flow allows the body to organically heal faster. Would you rather be sore for two days or bite the bullet and be cold for 15-20 minutes? The answer is easy, ICE!
Let’s start giving back to our body with natural remedies that are proven to work to heal our bodies naturally.

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