Recoup's Athlete Corner: Eric Lagerstrom, USA Olympic Triathlete

This week's Recoup Athlete Corner continues our February theme of accountability & the people in our lives who help us stick to our commitments. We're taking a look into the life of Eric Lagerstrom - USA Olympic Triathlete, van life & vlog connoisseur and boyfriend to fellow Olympic Triathlete, Paula Findlay.

Hometown Troutdale, Oregon (outside of Portland) Sport Triathlon

Favorite RunForest Park (Portland, OR)

Favorite Swim - Lake Banyoles (Banyoles, Spain)

What was your best race? "My coolest pro race experience was the WTS in Hamburg, Germany. My favorite race memory would have to be Escape From Alcatraz 2015."

What's your best/worst injury story? "6 weeks before the Olympic trials in 2016, I got some extremely bad IT band/piriformis tendinitis. The week before the trials I had only managed to run a couple times for about 10 minutes on the treadmill."

How many days a week do you get out and train during on-season? Do you have an off-season? "7 days a week, typically 2 or 3 workouts a day. I take a month fully off in December usually. Fully off still involves some fun rides and runs with friends, but it’s certainly not 'training'."

Best part about having a badass girlfriend? Do you train together often? "The best part is having someone who completely understands what I’m doing and isn’t trying to talk me out of workouts ever. More often she’s getting me out the door :) We do almost every workout together, I’ll obviously just go faster when we do the “hard” workouts, and sometimes we split up on easy stuff just for some time alone."

What got you into the sport? "I started out swimming and then tried a triathlon based on the recommendation of a local coach. The thing that got me totally hooked was the community at races. People were so welcoming and encouraging, it felt like a family at my very first race."

Give us a weird fact about you. "I eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich literally every day for lunch. Or at least part of my lunch haha."

Can you give us a blurb or two about how you use Recoup? "I use the Cryosphere almost every night before bed and sometimes right after hard run sessions as well. I’ve been struggling with plantar fasciitis for about 8 months now and the “ice ball” as I call it has been the main thing to stop it from getting progressively worse."


Go check out Eric & Paula's Vlog as they van cruise to different training destinations in preparation for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.



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