Recoup's Athlete Corner: Red Gerard, Professional Snowboarder

We're taking a deeper look into the lives of Recoup's athletes to give you the scoop on what they're all about. To kick off our Recoup Athlete Corner series, we're spotlighting the life of Professional Snowboarder, Red Gerard. 

Hometown - Silverthorne, Colorado
Sport - Snowboarding
Mountain - Copper Mountain, Colorado

Favorite Trick?  "Anything as long as I am riding powder."

What's your best/worst injury story? "I am lucky enough that I haven't had any major injuries. I guess the best injury story is not having to deal with it thus far!"

How often do you train/workout?  "I spend every day riding in the Winter. I work with a PT to help keep my body aligned and loose etc. In the summer, I spend my time skating and surfing but always make sure I get a couple days a week with my trainer to do proper workouts. I am starting to do this more and more as I get a little older to keep my body healthy."

How many days a week do you get out and ride in the winter?  "I am usually on snow 5-6 days per week all winter long. Down days are key after a contest or big film missions but that usually my down days are travel days."

Best riding buddy?  "Too many to name really - but I'd say my brother Kai, Luke Winkelman, Brock, Ben Ferguson."

Who got you into snowboarding? "My brothers – I just wanted to do what they did. We all still ride together as a family as often as we can."

Weird fact?  "Man, I am not sure on this. I guess that my family has crazy pets - chickens, goats and a bunch of barnyard animals on our property but we don’t live on a farm..."

How good are Tieghan’s pork chops?  "The best."

How do you Recoup? "This has become my go to to help recover after riding to keep my body going. The Cryosleeves for my knees and the Cryosphere have been a game-changer on recovery with being on the go all the time."


Red's busy schedule continues over to Japan now for filming, but keep an eye out for him to compete at Dew Tour from 2/6-2/9 @ Copper Mountain! 



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