What You Need To Eat 30 Minutes After Your Workout

When to eat after a workout is one of the most important factors. Eating post workout in the 30 minutes after you workout is key for optimal recovery and fitness performance. Eat to recover and eat to train will help recover your muscles - Make sure you eat the right...

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Foam Rolling 101: How Does It Help You

Foam rolling 101 health, wellness, and fitness tips - how to stay healthy. Learn how to foam roll, what are the benefits of foam rolling? Health benefits of myofascial release on your body. Increased Recovery after workouts, Reduce inflammation on your body. Keep your body healthy.

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5 Ways To Stop Muscle Cramps

Whether you’re in the middle of a workout or the middle of a night’s sleep, no one is immune to muscle cramps and spasms. Whether it’s a stomach or quad cramping up during a long run or the dreaded Charlie Horse in the night, cramps can catch you off guard...

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7 Reasons Why Runners Need to Start Yoga

It’s tough enough to get in all the mileage you need to before your next race. Adding an additional activity to your training seems crazy, right? If you’re not already, here’s why you should start carving out time to do yoga each week. Yoga’s not for everyone and admittedly, I’ve...

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Muscle Fibers Part 2 – Why We Should Train Our Fast-Twitch Muscle Fibers

Fast Twitch muscle fibers build speed and quickness. Follow this training program to gain speed, quickness and knowledge. Become a better athlete tomorrow.

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