6 tools that will cut your recovery time by 50%

These 6 tools will cut your recovery time in half. Training hard? Improving your recovery time after a workout is one of the most important things to get your body back in the gym the next day. Coupled with good post workout nutrition, compressing, icing and stretching are just as important to muscle recovery and training.

What You Need To Eat 30 Minutes After Your Workout

If you go for a long run, or even have a long workout of any kind, it’s important to eat within 30 minutes of finishing up. If you’re like a lot of...

Foam Rolling 101: How Does It Help You

Foam Rolling 101: How Does It Help You

5 Ways To Stop Muscle Cramps

5 Ways To Stop Muscle Cramps

Contrast Therapy: When To Use Hot And Cold Therapy For Muscles

Contrast Therapy: When to use hot therapy and when to use cold therapy to recover your muscles.

A Change of Pace: The Fitness Benefits of Varying Your Running speed

Shift gears and get the most out of training by varying your pace! Learn the benefits of running at different speeds and add variety to your training!

6 Tips for a Successful Marathon

Whether you are looking to complete your first marathon, know someone who is, or are trying to set a new personal best, here are 6 tips to help you make it to the finish line and achieve your goals.