Top 10 Running Podcasts for 2020

Are you a new runner, an elite runner or even a runner who has run your whole life but still needs a push to get off the couch? We’ve compiled a list of our top 10 running podcasts for 2020 and some insight into why we love each one. Try out a podcast on your next run and watch it push your running goals.

1 - Running for Real

Running for Real is a down-to-earth running podcast for the everyday runner. This podcast is sure to find a home in every runner’s listening regimen.

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Tina Muir is a former elite runner who takes running knowledge and career and spreads it to other runners. During her elite running days, Tina ran a marathon in 2:36 (whoa). Now mother, she covers a plethora of topics sure to grab the attention of any listener. The topics range from strength training, diet & health, motivational stories, physcology of running and so much more. She often brings in professionals to cover these topics so you know you are getting real information to lean on.

Are you looking for valuable content within high quality tips, tricks and information to keep you running your best? Then Running For Real should be at the top of your list for top 10 running podcasts for 2020.

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2 - Run, Selfie, Repeat

Run, Selfie, Repeat is a great pick for the runner who needs a little motivation now and then.

Top 10 Running Podcasts for 2020

Kelly Roberts hosts the podcast with a great amount of wit and humor behind her motivational talks. These episodes are on the shorter end of the spectrum but deliver a large punch of inspiration.

Roberts talks a lot about running and how it has intertwined with her life. Her podcast is often referred to as ‘life, with a side of running’. The show is layered with loads of body positivity and Roberts’ journey to get to such a place. She herself still claims to be a ‘terrible athlete’ but pushes through running to make her stronger.

For some runners out there, it never seems to get easier. Run, Selfie, Repeat is a great podcast for those who could benefit from a kick in the butt coupled with some motivational words. Laughs included at no extra charge.

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3 - The Rambling Runner

The Rambling Runner is a great podcast for the new runner trying to push themselves to the next level.

The podcast is hosted by Matt Chittim - a life long runner dedicated to the sport for years on end. As our lives get busier and busier, Matt focuses on topics and solutions to help balance everything thrown at us. He works through topics with a strong understanding that the mix of family, work, friends and socialization can easily push running to the back burner.

A top pick in the top 10 running podcasts in 2020 is The Rambling Runner for its ability to hit home with all audiences. Inspiration is plentiful in this podcast to help you get those miles in on a regular running routine.

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4 - The Rich Roll Podcast

Rich Roll’s Podcast is a great podcast for the runner looking to kick things up a notch. This podcast is loaded with interesting stories and some meaningful changes to make in your diet and lifestyle to meet running goals.

top 10 running podcasts for 2020

Rich has a hearty backstory sprinkled with tough experiences that lead him to turn his life and athletic career into what it has become today. He has competed in some of the toughest competition races in the world and has very well experienced what it means to push your body to its limits.

The podcast looks into his full dedicated switch to becoming a vegan and its effect on his performance. It also takes a dive into meditation, yoga and the outcome it can have on your running goals. While having a solid regimen, Rich remains very open to input and ideas and loves to talk through any topics the audience wants to throw his way.

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If you like this podcast, be sure to check out Rich’s books!

5 - Running Commentary

The Running Commentary podcast is a good one for the everyday runner who likes a good dose of humor while they run.

This podcast is hosted by Rob Deering and Paul Tonkinson discussing life with a comedic twist. Both hosts are comedians making this show a lighthearted, easy listen. The two of them run during every episode which gives you a feeling that you are almost running with them. A great way to tune out and forget you even went for a run in the first place.

The execution of this podcast happening while they’re running may be a bit sporadic for some runners. However, if you don’t mind the scatter-brained commentary you will find a great dose of humor, quirk, and re-assuring commentary on life. All while they’re dodging cars, pedestrians, freezing in the cold. This podcast probably won’t motivate you to go try out an ultra marathon, but its easy humor put it on our list of top 10 running podcasts for 2020.

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6 - The Morning Shakeout

The Morning Shakeout is a weekly run podcast great for the marathon runner or anyone pushing towards taking the next step in their running career.

top 10 running podcasts for 2020

Mario Fraioli hosts the show with a strong background in running as well as coaching and writing. The show incorporates stories packed with running insight from well-seasoned running guest speakers. The layout is well-crafted and the stories are skillfully researched and curated with easy listening conversation. This podcast will unveil very good tips for training and pushing your running to the next level.

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7 - Run This World

This is a great listen for strong women looking for input on topics and issues surrounding being a female athlete.

The podcast is hosted by Nicole Deboom - founder of SkirtSports. The podcast is extremely positive and uplifting, focusing on a wide spectrum of relatable topics. Nicole also includes solutions to her discussion topics to weave into your own life and an easy trail and error way.

Looking for some women power motivation? This is the podcast for you.

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8 - Ten Junk Miles

Ten Junk Miles stands on our list of top 10 running podcasts for 2020 if you are looking to laugh, a lot.

top 10 running podcasts for 2020

The show covers a wide range of running topics, but more towards funny mishaps and extremely related situations runners face while out on the trails. Scott Kummer seeks out stories to tell of runners getting lost on trails, bathroom breaks gone horribly wrong and everything in between.

This podcast is definitely easy listening and will keep you laughing throughout your miles. They say to ‘think of us as your running partners on days when you just need some friends to get you out on an easy run’. Topics change every 10 minutes to keep your mind entertained and not thinking about actually running, at all. Scott himself is about as average of a runner you could look for in a running podcast host. This, in turn, makes him highly relatable to the average runner needing constant motivation to get out there.

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9 - C Tolle Run

C Tolle Run is a consistent stream of fresh, clean running content.

C Tolle Run

Carrie Tollefson is an Olympic middle-distance runner who has a great energy and positivity that radiates through her podcast. She doesn’t hesitate to toss some tough questions to her guests to push the needle on discussion in this show.

She and her guest cover topics from health, fitness & all things running. The show will also cover how to generally balance running and life together and make sure they can exist in harmony.

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10 - Another Mother Runner

Another Mother Runner is not only a great podcast for women but has turned into a large community of female runners worldwide.

top 10 running podcasts for 2020

The podcast talks about being a woman and still trying to get your miles in. Host Sarah Bowen Shea tells extremely relatable stories of balancing distraction with life, family and a never ending pile of laundry. They also get into some ‘TMI’ stories that are sure to give you a laugh. The community they’ve built has a great collection of training programs, hilarious blogs & this highly motivational podcast.

Another Mother Runner is great for mothers and non-mothers alike and we highly recommend you give this one a listen or toss it on your list of top 10 running podcasts for 2020.

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