Tips to Maintain Ski Shape

As we get deeper into the winter months – it can be easy to forget to maintain our ski/snowboard shape during the week. The challenge is even greater for us weekend warriors that only get up to the mountains to ski one or two days of the week. Once the beginning of the season excitement and preparation timeframe dies down and we settle into winter, it’s important to find some ways to maintain our off-mountain training.

A few exercises to help you maintain the ski legs throughout the week that we love – wall sits, weighted squats, forward & backward lunges, deadlifts, plank holds. Anything to get your legs pumping and also engage your core will be extremely helpful toward maintaining your ski shape.


Endurance is also a major factor on the mountain. Going inside after a few runs because your legs are running, your heart is pumping, and you just need to sit for a bit can be avoided with a little training throughout the week. We know running can be tough to manage in the winter depending on where you live – so try to incorporate some interval training on the treadmill to help you stay out and enjoy the mountain as long as possible.  Any cardio you can implement into your workouts will dramatically help your time on the mountain.  

Working to strengthen these muscles consistently throughout your season will not only improve your ability to ski and increase your longevity on the mountain, but it will also help to prevent injury.  The more time you put into building up your legs, the more protection you have to your knees, quads & butt. Strength in these muscles also helps to maintain balance and keep you at your center of gravity on the hill.   

 Most importantly – incorporating a mid-week exercise regimen can help to keep away the winter blues. Getting a workout in daily will help to prevent stress, anxiety, and general sadness felt during these less sunny winter months. Keep your dopamine and serotonin high and you’ll be ready to get out there and find your next winter activity!

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