What is Equity Crowdfunding?

What is equity crowdfunding?

Over the past few years crowdfunding has become commonplace with platforms like
Kickstarter and Indiegogo allowing companies and projects to raise money directly from
consumers. Usually, these funds act as donations or go towards pre-orders of the company’s product. After Title III of the JOBS act passed in 2016, something called equity crowdfunding came into play.

Before Title III only accredited investors were able to take advantage of most private
investment opportunities. Now, companies of any size can raise money directly from
consumers in exchange for real shares of the company, rather than in exchange for products or gifts.

Why WeFunder?

In 2012 WeFunder helped pass the JOBS act. After Title III of the JOBS act passed, WeFunder became one of the first platforms to help small businesses raise funds through equity crowdfunding. They have the largest network of registered investors at close to 112,000 and growing.

Why we chose equity crowdfunding

Our goal at Recoup Fitness is to make our customers feel better every day. We wanted to give our amazing customers (and everyone else) the opportunity to join our team for as little as $100. We believe that owning a part of a company, rather than just receiving a product or gift, makes for a more meaningful crowdfunding experience.

We know investing inherently comes with risk but we’re confident in our vision and trajectory
and want to bring you along for the ride. We believe in transparency with our team and
investors. Our funds raised are going directly to engineering and manufacturing of our second product (The Hot Ball) and fulfilling purchase orders we already have for the holiday season of this year.

We can’t thank our current team of investors (new and old) enough and hope you’ll join us. The ride is about to get even more exciting!

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