Back Pain Treatment

Make Back Pain Disappear 

golfers elbow


  1. Unscrew the lower handle blue
  2. Place ball in freezer for 2 hrs staying cold up to 6 hrs
  3. Roll ball on back. Apply pressure as needed to treat pain or injury  
*Watch demo below. Optimal  treatment is rolling out for  3-5 min  between upper and lower back .Repeat 2-3x

Back Pain? 

Back pain is debilitating.  The simple task of eating can be difficult. Back injuries are caused by numerous things, posture, pinching of the nerves and inflammation.  You cannot see your physical therapist at home and solutions are limited for at home recovery. The Stinger is a at home recovery product for every inch of the back. Just place the Stinger in the freezer for two hours, staying cold up to six hours. The ice calms down the nerves, while taking down inflammation. The massage allows the muscles to relax. Between massage and the muscle rewarming new blood is introduced to the back. Giving aid to what the body does naturally.  

Other Areas For Use

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golfers elbow treatment