As you may already know, knee pain can be caused by a number of injuries, including arthritis and ligament damage. However, the most common cause is iliotibial band syndrome (ITBS), which can feel like sharp burning pain on the side of your knee. This article will describe the symptoms that accompany this injury and how to treat it with some simple exercises to alleviate your pain. You may experience what's called "sharp knee pain" when you do certain activities that involve bending your knee, such as jogging or lifting weights. 

WHAT causes burning pain in your knee

The most common cause behind what causes burning knee pain is wearing out the cartilage in knee joint due to overuse of the joints. It initiates with mild pain after few minutes of activity, which intensifies over time and starts limiting your day to day activities. The knees are mainly made up of two types of tissues: articular cartilage (which covers the ends of bones at each joint) and synovium (the membrane lining inside a joint). When either tissue wears down, it leads to what's called "bone on bone" contact in between bones at end of the knee joint. 

Knee pain has many possible causes. In fact, nearly any activity that puts stress on your knee could lead to an injury of the structures in or around it. The two most common injuries are nerve inflammation and tendonitis . Nerve inflammation happens when nerves get caught between muscles in your leg, while tendonitis is the result of inflamed tendons . Either of these injuries can cause knee pain that feels like a sharp burning sensation. If you feel this type of pain on your knee, it's probably iliotibial band syndrome (ITBS).

The IT Band is a tough strip of fibrous tissue that runs along the side of your leg from hip to shin. Its purpose is to help stabilize your knee and assist in various movements. While it doesn't attach to bone, it does exert pressure on the sides of your kneecap during movement, which increases friction with every stride you take. This pressure usually isn't an issue -- but when there's too much tension or swelling along the IT band due to an injury, this pressure becomes too much for the knee to handle and you may begin to feel burning pain on the sides of your knee.

  • You experience a stiffness when you move your knee
  • You feel a 'burning' sensation on the inside, outside or back of the knee
  • The burning sensation is accompanied by swelling or bruising
  • You have difficulty kneeling or putting weight on the knee.

How to treat burning knee pain

When your knee pain becomes unbearable, what you can do is take a couple of days off to let your knees rest and recover. You should avoid what caused the symptoms in the first place such as excessive weight lifting or jogging when what causes burning knee pain is too much for you.

You should also opt for regular exercises that focus on strengthening muscles around knee area and stretching to help improve what causes burning knee pain symptoms. Above all, if symptoms persist despite trying out all these natural remedies to treat what causes burning knee pain, see a doctor. 

HOW TO TREAT IT Band Syndrome (ITBS)

The most effective way to treat IT band syndrome is stretching. It's nearly impossible to get rid of chronic ITB without a regular regimen of exercises designed specifically for this purpose.

Whenever you overuse or injure a muscle or tendon in your body, scar tissue forms within it and surrounding areas . This scar tissue is thick and dense and doesn't allow normal movement, which leads to more friction on adjacent tissues. The trick with treating any type of knee pain is getting rid of that scar tissue while keeping other tissues healthy. As osteopathic physician Dr. Kristin Shimmel points out, this is especially important when dealing with ITB because scar tissue can pull your kneecap off center and lead to further pain in the joint.

Shimmel recommends performing a series of exercises that stretch out your muscles and target the IT band in particular. She also suggests foam rolling , which involves putting pressure on different areas of the leg with a hard object called a roller . This helps massage away scar tissue so you can move normally again without feeling knee pain.

Foam Rolling Exercises for Relieving Knee Pain

To begin using foam rolling to reduce IT band pain, sit on the floor with your legs together in front of you. Place a foam roller under your knees and cross your arms in front of you. Apply pressure to the inside of your legs using your forearms, rolling from the top of your knee down toward your ankles . Continue this motion for one minute on each side of the leg.

You should feel some soreness while performing these exercises, but if you experience sharp knee pain or notice any swelling , stop immediately and consult a doctor. If there is no pain associated with these movements and you don't feel any changes in the tension along either IT band, move on to smaller muscles located on the side of the leg . Use both hands and work them into different areas on either side of your leg up to just above your knee.

Once again, apply pressure and roll back and forth. As you continue this exercise, your knee pain should lessen as scar tissue is broken down. Continue until all the tension seems to disappear from your leg . If there's any remaining soreness in the knee after performing these exercises , it may be a sign that additional injury or damage has occurred along either IT band . In this case, don't hesitate to consult a doctor for further examination and treatment recommendations.

If you experience any pain while beginning these exercises, stop immediately and take note of the area you're targeting: It will probably feel tight at first but then loosen up significantly as your massage away scar tissue beneath muscles along the side of your leg.

Bursitis - inflammation of a fluid-filled sac that cushions and lubricates joints - is a common cause of knee pain . It occurs when the tendons in the knee rub against bony ridges on either side. This rubbing causes a swollen area to develop, which leads to pain around the knee when you apply pressure or perform certain movements.

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