carpal tunnel

carpal tunnel

Treatment For Carpal Tunnel 

golfers elbow


  1. Unscrew the lower handle blue
  2. Place ball in freezer for 2 hrs staying cold up to 6 hrs
  3. Place ball back in handle and start rolling from elbow down to wrist.
*Watch demo below. Optimal  treatment for Carpal Tunnel is rolling for  3-5 min repeat 2-3x

What is Carpal Tunnel? 

Carpal Tunnel is caused by excess pressure on the wrist and on the median nerve. Mostly seen from people working at a desk, over use of wrist playing sports. The Stinger eases the pain, numbness and stiffness of carpal tunnel through cold therapy and massage. The cold helps the body push out build up through blood vessel contractions and opens up when rewarming. The massage relaxes the muscle taking pressure off wrist and median nerve.  

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