The Benefits of Cryotherapy for Muscle Pain

Cryotherapy might sound futuristic, but this type of therapy has been around for half a century and has slowly grown in popularity both publicly and scientifically.

Also known as cold therapy, cryotherapy involves prolonged exposure to the cold, to relieve pain and improve health.

Cryotherapy chambers are what most of us think of, and professional athletes often utilize these. However, cryotherapy can be done in your own home and can effectively target a specific injury location.

Regardless of whether you are an amateur athlete, or are just live an active lifestyle, understanding the benefits cryotherapy products can have can help you is essential to proper recovery.

Cryotherapy and Pain Relief

One of the mostcommon applications for cryotherapy is to relieve pain and inflammation. Thisworks by constricting the blood vessels and slowly warming up the area after,allowing increased blood flow.


This is alsocommonly used in the R.I.C.E. therapy method, which includes a series of 20-minuteice therapy sessions, followed by a rest period.


Cryotherapy hasbeen shown particularly effective for treating:

  • Muscle injuries
  • Muscle soreness
  • Chronic pain and fatigue

Thereforecryotherapy is popular among professional athletes that have to compete at ahigh level regularly.


In fact, NBAplayers such as LeBron James and Steph Curry includecryotherapy in their recovery routines. But the list extends far beyond just NBA players withactors and actresses also joining the trend.


Some professionalsports teams, such as the New York Knicks, have actually started to includecryotherapy in their medical facilities. 

How It Works

When most peoplethink of cryotherapy, their mind immediately goes to the large chamberversions. These work by slowly cooling down to extremetemperatures as low as 300 degrees F. After a few minutes, the chamber willslowly return to room temperature.


However, the samebenefits of this cold therapy can easily be found in handheld devices such asour Cryosphere. This allows you to target aspecific area, such and your knee, elbow, or shoulder. From this, you can getthe benefits of both ice therapy, and massage in one.


You can also getthe same benefits with other cold therapy products such as our cryosleevesfor arms and legs

Cold Therapy vs Heat Therapy

Cold therapy is nota replacement for heat therapy and products such as our Thermosleeves, butrather to complement one another.


The R.I.C.E.therapy method includes both icing and hot compression to help reduce musclepain and fatigue. Additionally, when used together, you can help with injuriessuch as minor strains and sprains.


It should be notedthat you need to use cryotherapy products properly. Whileeffective at treating inflammation for example, over icing your injury can leadto other issues, such as tissue damage.


Ice your injury forno more than 20-minute intervals at a time for no more than 48 hours.  If you need more information on the R.I.C.E.therapy method, be sure to check out our article on how to use R.I.C.E therapy.

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