How to take out the ball? 

Simply unscrew the lower handle (Blue) counter clockwise, to the left

Should I place the Stinger in the freezer or fridge?

Place the Stinger in the freezer 

How long can the Stinger be in the Freezer?

As long as you want! It is strong and will last. 

How long does the Stinger stay cold for?

30 minutes = 1hr,  1 hour = 3 hours, 3 hours= 6 hours

Constant use time?

Fully frozen with constant use stays cold for 3 hours.


Disinfectant Wipes, Disinfectant Spray or hot soapy water. 

Can I take this on the plane?

Yes! The ball is filled with 3.4oz of cooling gel.

Weight limits? The Stinger ball can hold 350lbs 



Boiling Water?


*We are currently working on a Hot Ball! Be prepared

Can the Stinger be placed in a Cooler?

Yes! The Stinger is great for travel and small enough to fit in any drink cooler.

Special instructions for seller


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