Whether you are recovering from an injury or looking to enhance your performance, compression arm sleeves can help. Compression arm sleeves can be used on your arms to help improve the circulation of blood in your arm. If you are looking to invest in a compression arm sleeve, this guide can help you choose the right one for you.

When looking to invest in a compression arm sleeve, it is important to understand what you are looking at and how to choose the best one. One of the main factors you need to consider is the size. The size may vary from company to company, so it is crucial that you understand how to measure yourself correctly. To get a compression arm sleeve that fits you perfectly, you need to start by measuring your relaxed bicep. You need to measure the center of your relaxed bicep and purchase a compression sleeve that is about half an inch to one inch smaller than the measured area. This will help the sleeve stay up and keep a constant pressure during all activity.

Another thing to consider when looking to purchase a compression arm sleeve is the material. All compression arm sleeves are made of similar material, but it is important to find one that you like. You may want to try the compression arm sleeve on before purchase to make sure that it fits comfortably.

When choosing the right arm compression sleeve, it is also incredibly important to make sure that your arm's range of motion is not affected. Each compression arm sleeve is designed different. Some feature compression points on muscles, while others reach further up the arm. It is important to try the sleeve on before actually using it in an intense workout. Make sure that sleeve stays comfortably on your arm and does not interfere with your overall range of motion during your workout or sport. 

Compression arm sleeves are a great option for anyone looking to improve their performance or to reduce their recovery time. They are a natural way to heal faster and feel better more quickly. Whether you are a professional athlete, athlete or ordinary person, you can use compression arm sleeves to see and feel results quickly. Try using the arm compression sleeve for about a week before you notice any results. They are an optimal way to get results naturally by simply helping increase circulation and blood flow to your most used muscles. 

What Do Compression Sleeves for Arms Do?

If you have ever asked yourself "are compression arm sleeves useful?", the answer is yes. They can be used for a variety of different things to help athletes of all ability levels. Here are some of the main uses for a compression arm sleeve.


If you had a difficult workout or are recovering from an injury, you can use a compression sleeve for arm pain. Compression sleeves help ensure better circulation and this in turn can help increase recovery time. It can reduce the feelings of fatigue and improve your endurance. When your muscles receiver greater amounts of blood flow, they can heal more quickly. Try using an upper arm compression sleeve for pain and if you do not notice results, try talking to an athlete trainer.


Compression arm sleeves are also a great way to help prevent injury. They work in a way that is like a brace because they are used to help support your joints and muscles. They are a great way to help reduce the risk of unnatural movements and overextension from occurring. 


Compression sleeves help increase blood flow, which naturally helps to increase your performance during endurance training. The sleeve applies a gentle and constant pressure to the skin and helps improve the blood flow to the area. As your heart rate increases during this endurance training, the blood supply also increases.


While it may seem hotter to wear a piece of clothing, this is not actually the case. Compression sleeves are designed with moisture wicking materials so that they pull moisture away from your skin. This takes the heat away from your body and helps reduce your body temperature. As a result, you tend to have more energy for your performance and your body can spend less energy cooling itself off.

Many arm compression sleeves are made with anti wicking materials, but not all. It is crucial that you read the materials used to make these sleeves before purchasing them. Some sleeves are built to help keep you cool, while a few are designed for winter sports to help keep you warm. Either way, it is important to find one that meets your needs for your exact sport. 

Proper ARM sleeve fit

According to the type of brace, arm braces offer support, stabilization, and more. Knowing how to measure for arm sleeves correctly is crucial to getting the most from it. In most cases, you should measure your arm: at the arm center, at the bicep, and at the forearm. Our size charts and measurements instructions help you choose the right size, so take a look at those.

You should wear the brace snugly enough that it won't restrict your movement or cut off circulation. Changing sizes may be necessary if it feels too tight.

2-Steps on how to measure for arm sleeves

1. Grab measuring tape

Measure the widest part of your forearm, about 2-3 inches below the elbow.

2. Measure 3 inches above the elbow

As you bend your elbow, measure 3 inches above your elbow (the widest part of the arm for optimal fit).

What happens if I am between ARM sleeve sizes?

Most people tend to grab a size smaller when they're between sizes. Arm sleeves are always tight at first but stretch out depending on your size as you wear them. To ensure good support during heavy lifts and long workouts, measure your arm sleeves down one size.

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Thermosleeve Arm Brace

By increasing the temperature of the skin/soft tissue, the blood flow increases naturally as the blood vessels relax, opening up wider than before. As the blood flow increases, so does the muscle elasticity, creating a higher metabolic rate. As the body flushes out metabolic waste, the blood cells fill that waste with oxygen, creating oxygen rich blood cells for a more effective recovery.

While ordinary heat therapy is effective at loosening tight muscles near the surface of the skin, infrared heat penetrates the deep tissue. These inner muscle fibers are rarely treated, increasing the risk of re-injury. Treating the deeper tissue is key for faster recovery while decreasing the risk of re-injury. 

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