IT Band Treatment

IT Band Treatment

Recoup Your IT Bands

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  1. Unscrew the lower handle blue
  2. Place ball in freezer for 2 hrs staying cold up to 6 hrs
  3. Roll ball on Leg. Apply pressure as needed to treat pain, injury or stiffness  
*Watch demo below. Optimal  treatment is rolling out for  3-5 min per leg .Repeat 2-3x

IT Bands Hurting? 

IT Bands are located from the outside top part of the knee all the way to the hip. IT Band syndrome happens when the IT Band becomes tight or inflamed. This occurs from overuse during running, walking or being on your feet all day. The best treatment for tight IT bands is MASSAGE and ICE. They are an important muscle to take care since it one of the most used muscles in our body. Start recouping your IT Bands today and feel better tomorrow. 

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