Shoulder Injury Treatment

Make Shoulder Pain Disappear 

golfers elbow


  1. Unscrew the lower handle blue
  2. Place ball in freezer for 2 hrs staying cold up to 6 hrs
  3. Roll ball on Shoulder. Apply pressure as needed to treat pain or injury  
*Watch demo below. Optimal  treatment is rolling out for  3-5 min on shoulder .Repeat 2-3x

Shoulder Injury? 

Shoulder injuries happen! Here are some of the main shoulder injuries that can occur, Rotator Cuff Strain, Frozen Shoulder and AC Joint Injury. These painful injuries happen from over use of shoulder, not using your shoulder and over use. The common theme between all these injuries is stiff shoulder and pain that ca hinder your way of life. The Stinger is the perfect solution for all of these and many more. The ice therapy pushes out all the bad stuff your body doesn't. Massage loosens up the muscle. When the muscle is relaxed and rewarms the blood flow increases to the area. Aiding the body in it's natural recovery method.  

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golfers elbow treatment