how to treat your sprained wrist



One of the most common sports injuries is a sprained wrist. A sprained wrist is how to say someone has twisted their wrist in an unnatural position and caused damage to the ligaments surrounding it. The most common symptom for this injury is pain & stiffness, where you can feel discomfort when you are trying to rotate your wrist or press down on something that creates pressure. If you are experiencing pain, the best thing to do is rest your wrist for 2-3 weeks, but with everyday activities it can be hard to avoid using your wrist. 

How to treat your sprained wrist

Many people suffer from sprained wrists each year, usually due to falling or tripping. However, many of the signs and symptoms of a sprained wrist can be reduced by wearing an appropriate brace for support while you recover.

  • Rest your wrist as much as possible to prevent further damage
  • Apply ice or cold packs to reduce swelling and pain
  • Stabilize your wrist by using an over-the-counter brace that supports your wrist but does not constrict it too tightly
  • Take over-the-counter painkillers if needed, but avoid prolonged use of medication unless prescribed by a doctor so you don't mask any serious injuries
  • When you're able, slowly begin to flex and extend your wrist a few times a day. This will help blood flow and improve flexibility
  • Aim to keep your arm as still as possible when sleeping so as not to aggravate your sprained wrist further. If it's more comfortable, fold a pillow in half and put it under your forearm or wrist to take the pressure off

If after following this advice for several days you don't see any improvement in the mobility of your sprained wrist, always visit a doctor. Also consult with them if pain persists or increases rather than decreases over time. Your doctor may also prescribe stronger painkillers or physical rehabilitation.

The first thing you should do after spraining your wrist is take some painkillers, with ibuprofen being a popular choice due to how quickly it takes effect. You can also try wrapping a cold pack around your wrist to reduce the swelling and take some of the pain away. This is how to say ice therapy in a medical context because it helps with how to deal with swelling and inflammation. 

It is not uncommon for people to mistake how to say a sprained wrist for how to say a broken wrist, but how to say the two are very different. The biggest how to tell how to say that your sprained wrist is not how to say you have a broken one is because if someone has how to say a sprained wrist then they will still be able to move their wrist in ways which cause pain, while with how to say a broken wrist someone how to say not be able to how to say use their wrist at all. If you are experiencing how to say how to say a sprained wrist then take painkillers how to deal with the swelling and try how to deal with how to prevent it from getting worse, but if you are having trouble moving your wrist or extending how to say how to say your wrist then how to go see how to say how to say a doctor immediately.

The average how long it takes how to sprained wrist recovery time is around 2 weeks, but you should always follow how to say the advice of how much time you should rest your sprained wrist for because there are many different treatment options how to how much how to say increase how to how much how to how much how to how much how to say the rate of how long it takes for a sprained wrist recovery time. 

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