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See what others have to say about the Stinger

"Absolutely love the stinger! I'm able to put more pressure on the areas all throughout my body that I need. There isn't another tool like it. I love it."

"This cold roller is something that every athlete across the country should have access too. After a practice I usually spend at least one hour in the training room and feel like i can recover from about half of what I put out. After just a few times using the stinger, I felt the difference in my body to where my legs recovered faster than ever before and was able to compete at a much higher level. The stinger will always be part of my recovery regimen."

“During a long stretch of tournament games or on the road, the stingers ability to stay cold consistently throughout my day provides amazing recovery opportunity. Being able to use the ball in pregame and then using it right after the game the temperature doesn’t change and the relief is instant. I love the stinger.” 

Kenny Anunike- DE Broncos Super Bowl Champions 

“As a professional football player, my body is constantly taking the highest level of punishment and the demand for quick, effective recovery is essential. The old school method of using an ice cup on areas of need is outdated and not nearly as effective as the Stinger by Recoup Fitness. These guys have seen a need and created the most effective low maintenance recovery tool I have ever used."

Mitch Unrein- DE Chicago Bears

"The Stinger from Recoup Fitness is a life saver for the day after a NFL football game. Get the soreness out!!"

Lindsay Kuhle-Head Women’s Golf Coach University of Denver

"This product is great! It instantly made the bottom of my foot feel better and less inflamed. I used it for 20 minutes on both feet and woke up the next morning able to walk with little to no pain, better than I had in over a year. I definitely recommend this product! The frozen metal ball is the best way to reach the sore areas on the bottom of my foot that a frozen plastic bottle I tried couldn’t get."


Weston Adams- Marine

"I have had mad tennis elbow for years now and nothing I have ever used has ever made it feel relieved after a workout. This morning I grabbed the stinger out of the freezer before PT and put it in the car. After doing what we call climbing drills on the pull up bars my tennis elbow was killing me!! I was released for breakfast and I grabbed the stinger out of the car and started rolling out my inner arm, bicep, and tricep! First time I have ever had instant relief without taking a pain killer!! This thing is going to change the game!!"

Lindsey Lebel- Yoga Instructor

I have been using my stinger for a shoulder injury and have had great progress removing tightness and increasing mobility thanks to Recoup!I started bring my stinger to classes to roll out after I practice, the stinger stayed freezing even though it sat in a 100 degree room for over an hour! Love this product.


Aiva Brigita
I'm an OCR athlete that recently got injured. Past few months I have been going through a physical therapy, believing that after my rehabilitation I will only come back stronger! I believe that proper exercises, stretching and tools can speed up the recovery process. My physical therapist Dr Fox at Fox Physical Therapy in Miami gave me to try the stinger! Oh my gosh!!! Who ever came up with this tool is absolutely brilliant! I've been going through a pretty painful recovery, but using the iced roller, stretching and icing at the same time, not only helps me to recover but also makes it a lot less painful! You can't even imagine how happy I am to use it. The results are instant! Thank you so so much for this tool! I can't wait to get my own and carry it with me all the time!