I use the Recoup Cold Roller all the time. The beautiful thing about it is it's not just for professional athletes, it's for everybody. It helps me get from practice to practice, from game to game and definitely impacts my success in a good way.

Brandon Marshall  |  Denver Broncos LB & Super Bowl 50 Champion

Playing soccer my entire life, shin splints were something I always have. On top of that, I tore my ACL and had to work my way back on the field. I was exposed to top products, but nothing like the Recoup Cold Roller. I could finally roll out my shins, getting rid of shin splints. For my ACL, I would sit with the Cold Roller on the back of my knee at home. The combination of cold and massage made my pain nonexistent.

Lauren Sessleman  |  Olympic bronze medalist

I live by this product. It is the first thing I grab when cramping or at home for recovery. The fact I can take a tool from the training room home and use it myself is a game changer. At the facility, I no longer have to use ice cups.

Malik Jackson  |  Jacksonville Jaguars DT

“Nothing helps me recover after a long day on the ice like the Recoup Cold Roller. I love that it’s easy to toss in my bag so I can use it to roll out my legs after every practice even when I’m on the road.”

Jack Skille  |  Professional Hockey Player

As a professional football player, my body is constantly taking the highest level of punishment and the demand for quick effective recovery is essential. These guys have seen a need and created the most effective, low-maintenance recovery tool I have ever used.

Kenny Anunike  |  Super Bowl 50 Champion

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