The science of Recoup

The Recoup Cold Rollers unique combination of Self Myofacial Release and Cryotherapy allows for the body to recover faster and decrease the potential for injury.


Cryotherapy (Icing)

Takes down inflammation

Faster muscle recovery

Lowers cell metabolism, saving energy

Helps to prevent tissue death

Stops Pain

After muscles warm increase in blood flow

Self Myofacial Release (Massage)

Muscle relaxation

Improve tissue recovery

Improve neuromuscular efficiency

Regulate production of cytokines

Flush out lactic acid

Decrease muscle soreness

Why Us?

  • Travel- Cold Roller is filled with 3.4oz of cooling gel
  • 2 in 1- Uses in the handle and without
  • No Mess- Replace those ice cups
  • Resuable- Freeze your Stinger repeatedly for up to 2 years for best results.
  • 3.4 oz cooling gel for safe travel
  • Cold Relief Up To 6 Hours
  • RECOUP(ERATE)- Recover yocur muscles faster after workouts for less injuries and better performance.

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