Treatment for Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel, Tendonitis & Chronic Pain

Chronic pain affects upwards of 100 million Americans every year. Some of the most common causes of chronic pain are arthritis, carpal tunnel, tendinitis, and general overuse. For chronic pain, ice is one of the best tools you can use to help decrease inflammation and give pain relief to the area.

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How to use the Recoup Cryosphere for chronic pain including arthritis, carpal tunnel, and tendonitis.

I just started using it. So far so good. It stays cold and fits well in my hand. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and I jump in my hot tub every morning and use the ice roller when I get out. Bought one for each of my daughters’ families too.

Kenla D

I had what I thought was golfer’s elbow, and something muscular in the biceps, and forearm. The Dr. said tendinitis and more. The Dr. said there was nothing we can do to fix it and it may linger for another year and a half. I received this for Christmas from my wife and worked it on my arm, applying pressure where needed, like a masseuse. I have the full capacity with my arm now, whereas I couldn’t even use a toothbrush prior to this tool. Now I have 4 roller balls. Home, office, condo, truck sometimes. It’s awesome!

Chris A

Usage Instructions

1. Freeze your Cryosphere for at least 2 hours for the full 6 hours of cold massage.

2. Relax your injured area and release tension.

3. Hold your Cryosphere and gently roll the ice cold ball across your painful body part.

4. Massage as deeply as is comfortable for up to 20 minutes.

5. Repeat, staying within the 20/20 rule of 20 minutes of icing and 20 minutes off. Do this as often as is necessary to help alleviate pain and inflammation throughout the day, especially after use.

Glossary of terms/Chronic Pain Injuries

Arthritis is a general term used for any joint disorder that features inflammation. Arthritis can cause a wide range of symptoms such as limited function and pain in the joints, joint stiffness, and swelling.


CTS results from irritation of the median nerve in the wrist. It typically affects the thumb, index and middle fingers of the hands.


The wrist tendons connect the forearm muscles to the bones of the hand and fingers. Most often, wrist tendonitis occurs when there is inflammation of the wrist tendons when the tendons are irritated, causing pain and stiffness.


Tennis elbow is the most common elbow injury. It is also called lateral epicondylitis. This is thought to be caused by small tears of the tendons that attach forearm muscles to the arm bone at the elbow joint.


This is a type of arthritis that occurs when the flexible tissue at the ends of bones wears down.