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Recoup Cryosphere

Ice Cold Massage Roller
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Combine the benefits of Ice and Massage in one single product. Activate your Cryosphere in the freezer for 2 hours and use your Cryosphere for up to 6 hours of ice cold muscle relief. Our patent-pending 2 in 1 design allows the user to access the free-rolling Cryosphere for mobility and total-body use.

Use the Cryosphere across your entire body to accelerate and recover damaged or inflamed muscles and injuries. Increase blood and lymphatic flow using trigger point myofascial release.

Relieve muscle spasms, stiffness or joint pain. Help break up scar tissue and improve lactic acid build up. Combat muscle fatigue, pain, tightness, soreness and knots while promoting natural stress relief. 


  • 6 Hours Of Cold Relief
  • 2 in 1 Design for Full Body Recovery
  • Free Rolling
  • Keeps Hands Warm
  • 100% Mess Free

Recoup Cryosphere Difference

In designing the Cryosphere, Recoup set out to create the most durable, longest lasting cold massage roller solving the problems of ice cups, lacrosse balls and foam rollers. The ball is a little larger than a baseball, made from 310 stainless steel and filled with 3.14oz of nontoxic cooling gel. Recoup's Cryosphere handle allows for the ball to freeroll for controlled recovery. On top of the handle is a rubber layer for optimal grip.

“This is a game changer. I hate icing my injuries even though I know it helps. Just the mess of ice cups and the ice packs never seem cold enough. The Recoup silver ball came across my social media and I decided to give it a try. Its so good. Stays cold for soo long. They say 6 hours - i have had it out 4 so far and still very cold. Super easy to use and somewhat addictive. Give this a try. Don’t know how I didn’t know this existed sooner.” - Marie Swider





Key Product Features

6 Full Hours of Cold Relief

Once removed from your freezer, the Cryosphere remains cold for up to 6 hours of use.

Reduce Inflammation

The Cryosphere quickly cools the muscles while relaxing the area, decreasing inflammation.

360° Free Rolling Motion

Provides comprehensive free rolling motion for full body recovery, giving pressure control back to you the consumer.

Cold Tempature

Should be used comfortably with a layer between skin and ice roller optimal cold therapy temperatures. Safe for everyday use.

100% Leak Proof

Our single-unit Cryosphere is self-contained, meaning no more ice bags, ice cups, no leaks, no mess.


Easy to clean. Simply unscrew the lower handle blue take the ball out and wipe inside and out with a sponge or disinfectant wipes.


Versatile and multi-functional - great for daily use anywhere, anytime. The Cryosphere features a 2 in 1 design for use with or without the handle.

Premium Quality

Materials are strong for maximum durability with a rubber overmold for comfort. Freezer-safe.


Relieve pain and swelling and promote healing and flexibility with RICE—Rest, Ice, Massage, and Elevation.

Rest. Rest and protect the injured or sore area. Stop, change, or take a break from any activity that may be causing your pain or soreness.

Ice. Cold will reduce pain and swelling. Use your Cryosphere right away to prevent or minimize swelling. Treat the affected area for 10-20 minutes 3 or more times a day.

Massage. Relieve muscular tension, relax muscles and reduce muscle soreness and fatigue.  Massaging relieves muscular restriction, tightness, stiffness and spasms.

Elevation. Elevate the injured or sore area on pillows while applying cold treatment and anytime you are sitting or lying down.

Customer Reviews

Based on 858 reviews
Richard Heaton
great muscle support

Worked as advertised, great for muscle soreness or cramping, the Cryoshpere is cold so watch out on skin....

Kathryn Russell
Great Product!

I bought this for my husband since he’s been icing his foot and legs with ice packs and frozen water bottles. They don’t stay cold too long and they melt. This cryosphere is amazing! It stays cold for a long time, and he’s seen a noticeable improvement in the areas that were injured. He LOVES this product!

Jackie S
So worth it

The quickest satisfaction after a hard work out. Recoup allows me to bounce back with state of the art amenities at my finger tips.

Kate S
Real great for my hip pain

It helps cool down my hip pain. Sciatica too. I put the ball in refrigerator after using it. OK?

Devin white

Brilliant idea works pretty good and last long