how to treat elbow pain and injury

Overview of Elbow Injuries 

The elbow joint is constructed of bone, cartilage, ligaments and fluid. Muscles and tendons act as stabilizers of the elbow for nonrestrictive and pain free movement. When any of these structures are damaged, hurt, or diseased, it can cause immense elbow pain and restricted movement. 

The elbow is one of the most used joints in our body, making the elbow more prone to injuries and pain. The most common elbow injury is tendinitis, the inflammation or injury to the tendons that attach muscle to bone. Most develop tendinitis of the elbow from overuse, so athletes playing GOLF, TENNIS, and BASEBALL are more susceptible to elbow tendonitis because of their incessant, high-velocity arm motions. Every hit or pitch is a mini earthquake to the elbow joint rattling the stabilizers (muscles and tendons). These rattles cause inflammation, pain, increasing the injury rate.

Other causes of elbow pain include sprains, strains, tears, fractures, bursitis and arthritis. All of these injuries have one thing in common: PAIN!... Begging the question, "How can I recoup my elbow today to lower my risk of an elbow injury?"

Treatment For Elbows

The best way to manage pain and inflammation from elbow injuries is combining ice and compression. Icing (10-15min) contracts the blood vessels, slowing down circulation and ceasing metabolic activity, thus subsiding inflammation and abating pain. As the muscle warms back up, blood vessels open wider than before increasing the circulation and metabolic activity to quickly heal the injured area. In a nutshell, ice aids in how our bodies recoup naturally through new blood flow.

Advanced Compression's main function is to engage a lymphatic flush, while stabilizing muscles and tendons. A lymphatic flush aids the body when it can’t rid itself of cellular waste during the healing process, inflaming the tissue and causing pain. If you can’t get that waste out of your body, you can’t recover. Increased stabilization helps the muscles and tendons take time off to recoup as compression acts as the support for the elbow joints. Combining cryotherapy and compression therapy into one product expedites this recovery process.  


Start Recouping

treatment for elbow injuries


Relieve pain and swelling and promote healing and flexibility with RICE—Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation.

Rest. Rest and protect the injured or sore area. Stop, change, or take a break from any activity that may be causing your pain or soreness.

Ice. Cold will reduce pain and swelling. Use your Cryosleeve right away to prevent or minimize swelling. Treat the affected area for 10-20 minutes, 3 or more times a day.

Compression. Tighten your Cryosleeve using the BOA® Fit System dials to help decrease swelling. Adjust to your comfort level; too tight can cause more swelling below the affected area.

Elevation. Elevate the injured or sore area on pillows while applying cold treatment and anytime you are sitting or lying down.

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"My wife has been suffering with torn tendons in her elbow and it required surgery. Before the surgery we dealt with ice packs and cold compresses to try and ease the pain and swelling. About 1 week after her surgery I ordered the recoup fitness cryo elbow sleeve. It has been a godsend. It allows you to apply the correct amount of compression along with cold that has afforded my wife the much needed relief she deserved. Thank you recoup fitness. Next on order is the knee sleve for my daughter who plays college softball."-Michael K.

Customizable Fit and Very Cold

"I have a pretty severe case of tennis elbow and just received the Cryosleeve I ordered for use after playing. I have used it a couple of times, and was immediately enthusiastic about the Boa fit system. Getting a close fit with an ace bandage and any type of cooling device, whether it's a bag of ice or a cold pack, has always been nearly impossible, especially since only one hand is available to wrap it. This is really the answer;; it goes on easily with the adjustment knobs disengaged, then is incredibly easy to tighten in a controlled way. As a bonus, this sleeve is really cold. Even over a shirt sleeve or compression sleeve it quickly absorbs heat from the area of the injury. By far the best device I've had so far for cooling my elbow."- Mark W.

Simply the best!

"This ice wrap is the very best I have ever seen. I am a registered ultrasonographer and often have pain in my elbow. Having used ice packs for years, when my son told me about this product we jumped at the chance to try it. Bought one for my arm and one for my husband's knee. The fact that it fits so nicely all the way around, can be adjusted easily, and stays really cold for a long time. Once again, simply the best!"- Pamela P.


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