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Recoup Cold Recovery Kit

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Sleeve Size:

Measure Above The Elbow or Knee (If you are between sizes, size UP as the BOA Fit System can compress your sleeve down to size.)

Arm Size

Arm                    Circumference

Leg Size Leg 
X-Small Under 9"

Small 9"-12" Small 9"-12"
Medium 13"-16" Medium 13"-16"
Large 17"-20" Large 17"-20"
X-Large 21"-24"


If you are in between sizes, size UP as the BOA Fit System can compress your sleeve down to size.

The Recoup Cold Recovery Kit includes (1) Cryosphere and (1) Cryosleeve, arm or leg sizing.

If you are in between sizes, size UP as the BOA Fit System can compress your sleeve down to size


+Relieves muscle tension and tightens

+Enhances recovery and mobility

+Naturally decreases inflammation and soreness

+Promotes muscle recovery

Customer Reviews

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They're ok

The sleeve is not 360 cooling, there's a section that is just material. I assume a larger size is needed in order to close that gap and make it 360, but the size that was recommended doesn't allow that. Get a size up if you want 360. But if you put the cold section where you want it, it works just fine.

The sphere is also ok. Just have to scrape any frost/ice off of it before you use it.

B from Phoenix
Exactly what I needed

The whole purchasing process was great. I reached out to them for assistance on which size to purchase for a cold leg sleeve (I was an odd fit for the standard sizes). The support team was awesome! Then when i received my product it fit perfectly, chills my leg exactly as prescribed. Also got the ball, which is amazing. I highly recommend this combo. I am definitely going to get a heat sleeve too. My only wish was that the cold lasted longer so i could get that same temp when i switch legs after the recommended 20 minutes.

Works pretty well

I bought the arm cryosleeve and cryosphere duo pack. They work great, only complaints are that the arm does need some time to warm up as it is really cold (which might be great for some) and unfortunately if you only need to ice one side of your arm, you can't target it. The cryosphere is also great, it does have a lot of condensation when using, but doesn't seem to get things too wet so not too much of an issue.

Christina Saccaro

Recoup Cold Recovery Kit

Matt Selkirk
Definitely worth using

Excellent concept and as a snowboarder, I love the BOA system. My only two criticisms are
1: most of the cold ends up in the back of the knee as there is a fabric on the front that the BOA cinches up that doesn't really get cold. Most of my knee pain is on the front side but the whole knee gets cold regardless.
2. It's pretty wet once it warms up.
3. Once you have it on your knee and cinched up, you lose the ability to bend the knee at all until it starts to thaw a bit, but that forces you to actually sit and rest so that's not horrible.

All in all, I'm satisfied with the purchase