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Recoup Fitness Leg Thermosleeve + BOA®

Innovative Heat + Dialed In Compression
$ 199.99

Size Chart: Get Fitted For The Perfect Fit

The Recoup Thermosleeve feat. BOA® Fit System redefines heat therapy and recovery by combining 360° infrared heat and dialed-in, custom compression into an innovative, single-unit sleeve. To activate the Thermosleeve, turn the battery on, connect to the USB cord, hold the R for 3 seconds, select a temp of low (blue), medium (green), or high (red), and slide over shin, knee, or lower quad. Push down and twist on the BOA Dials to active compression. Twist more for tighter compression or less for less compression for the perfect fit. Release compression by pulling up on the dials. Turn off the battery by pressing the button two times. 
  • BOA® Fit System – dial into a fast, effortless, precision fit
  • 2 Hour Battery Life
  • Reduce Sore and Painful Muscles
  • 360° Thermo Compression Coverage
  • 3 Tempature Settings
  • Reusable Heat and Compression

Recoup Thermosleeve + BOA® Fit System Integration

In designing the Thermosleeve, Recoup partnered with BOA® Technology, revolutionizing heat recovery and activation methods. Together we created a solution unlike any other heatable compression product on the market. The integration of the BOA® Fit System allows the Thermosleeve wearer to dial in the perfect fit, with otherwise unattainable customized compression. The three integral BOA components - a micro-adjustable dial, super-strong lightweight laces, and low friction lace guides - are configured and engineered to optimize your fit, providing the stability of a brace with the benefits of compression.

Why Infrared Heat?

By increasing the temperature of the skin/soft tissue, the blood flow increases naturally as the blood vessels relax, opening up wider than before. As the blood flow increases, so does the muscle elasticity, creating a higher metabolic rate. As the body flushes out metabolic waste, the blood cells fill that waste with oxygen, creating oxygen rich blood cells for a more effective recovery.

While ordinary heat therapy is effective at loosening tight muscles near the surface of the skin, infrared heat penetrates the deep tissue. These inner muscle fibers are rarely treated, increasing the risk of reinjury. Treating the deeper tissue is key for faster recovery while decreasing the risk of reinjury. 

Key Product Features

BOA® Fit System

The BOA® Fit System provides micro-adjustable compression, conforming around the treatment area for a fast, effortless and precision fit that stays in place. Just push in to engage, turn for precision fit and pull up for fast release.

2 Hour Battery Life

Once turned on & temperature selected, the Thermosleeve remains hot for up to 2 hours of use.

Reduce Muscle Pain

The Thermosleeve quickly increases heat from the area-in-need to increase blood flow aiding, pain and soreness.

360° Heat Compression Coverage

Provides comprehensive 360-degree heat coverage on arms and legs for faster recovery and pain relief of affected areas.

3 Temp Settings

Can be used comfortably and directly on bare skin at optimal heat therapy temperatures. Safe for everyday use.

Battery Powered 

Our single-unit Thermosleeve is battery powered, meaning no more microwaves, stationary power outlets or boiling water.

Reusable & Easy Clean

Easy to clean. Simply turn inside out and wipe clean with a sponge or cloth dampened with dish soap and water. Air dry.


Versatile and multi-functional - great for daily use anywhere, anytime. The Thermosleeve features a slip-on design that’s flexible and stays in place while you move without velcro, bandages or straps. The Thermosleeve is also lightweight and portable. Being battery powered, you can take and turn on the Thermosleeve anywhere.

Premium Quality

Materials are flexible and strong for maximum comfort and durability. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews

I love the adjustable of the sleeves and the infra red features. It’s soothing and healing!

Kyle Parks
Really good product

I realize this is the beta version of the product so I know there are some flaws that are being Addressed. I really like the product but my two suggestions would be to make it hotter and for the heat to be truly 360° When you put on the leg sleeve you feel the heat on your hamstring but not so much your quads.

James Anderson
Infrared is the bomb!

It’s amazing how the BOA system locks down the compression fit for me. Although the infrared system doesn’t seem to be as hot, it actually is. The key is that the heat penetrates much much deeper. It comes with a battery and it seems to me that you could easily replace it with a battery with more capacity so the heat could last even longer. It’s just a thought; and besides, the battery lasts long enough for me anyways. The compression fit is a revelation, and I am very happy!

Lisa S
Close to perfect.

I have been using the cryosleeve for several years after two knee surgeries. Icing is important and this was wonderful and long lasting. I purchased the thermo sleeve to help with fatigue on my quest to restore strength in my legs. The product is very good, although I, like others wish the heat was a bit hotter on the high setting. I also had to go to the website to understand the light settings (maybe just me). I would give up some battery life for this. Maybe selling additional battery packs would solve this so you can keep a spare ready ( I would do this since I have issues with both legs and was not thinking of purchasing two sleeves, although I did with the cryosleeve). The BOA system is great and provides versatility on where the sleeve can be used.

Adam Neiberg
Great product

Very helpful. I would only suggest that you make it so it is able to get tighter so you can be more flexible on other locations of the body.