Don’t Let Arthritis Keep You From Living Your Life!

It’s estimated that 50% of us will have to deal with this ailment before our 65th birthdays, but even more frightening is that many of us will have to deal the aches and pains of arthritis at a much younger age.

we may not be able to fully prevent the affects of arthritis.  But there are a few simple things we can do to make life easier…

1.  Keep Moving! - Exercise increases strength and flexibility and reduces joint pain!

As they say motion equals lotion! There are many activities that can be beneficial to people who suffer from Arthritis. You may not be able to hit the gym like you did in your earlier years, but you CAN keep moving!

Start out by simply doing a set of morning stretches or hitting the pool. You don’t have to start out by joining your local swim club and swimming in the 50 meter freestyle.

Simply go to a pool and spend a little time moving and stretching. Once you feel comfortable, maybe do something crazy and signup for an aqua zumba class

2.  Change Your Diet!  - Do your Research and build a realistic meal plan.

You probably expect for us to tell you to eat nothing but wild caught salmon, and dark leafy antioxidant filled veggies. But that’s not real life.

We suggest taking the time to meet with a nutritionist. If you don’t have the time or money for a certified nutritionist, then be proactive and do your own research! There is a ton of great information from reputable sources all over the web on Arthritis meal planning, take a small step and inform yourself on what to foods to seek and what foods to avoid

3. Prevent further damage - Use simple tools and life hacks to reduce long-term damage. 

Literally take simple steps like purchasing shoes that will help you feel better, or buying a speech to text software to give your hands a break at work, your employer may even pay for it! You can also check out these 13 life hacks for people with arthritis.  Our favorite was the tip to put rubberbands around jars to get extra grip!

4. Cold & Heat Therapy - Start feeling better today without leaving the house!

Simple Explanation Heat relaxes muscles, stimulates blood flow and can help to lubricate joints, Cold helps reduce inflammation and pain.

There are literally thousands of products that can be used for hot and cold therapy, do your research…

Here are a couple of things that we like, for heat try an infrared heating pad a try. For cold therapy, we have to plug our own product... The Recoup Cold Roller, It can be used on literally any part of your body.

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My husband has been complaining about his arthritis and we can’t figure out what we can do to help with the pain. I liked how you said that swimming or morning stretches could help make the joints less stiff. I’ll be sure to mention this to him and see if he’d like to try them out since it seems like it could really help with the amount of pain he is experiencing.

Olivia Smart December 29, 2021

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