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Cryosleeve- Wrist

$ 60 $ 100

The Cryosleeve Wrist is a ONE SIZE FIT ALL cold adjustable compression sleeve that lives in the freezer. Simply slide the Cryosleeve Wrist over your LEFT or RIGHT hand, place your thumb in the blue loop, press down and twist on the BOA dials to start compressing.

+ Sprains, Arthritis, DeQuervain's, Tendonitis, Carpal Tunnel

+ Stays Cold Up To 20 Minutes

+ Lives in the Freezer

+ Two BOA Dials for Adjustable Compression

+ One Size Fits All

+ Fits Right and Left Hand

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Danny LaTendresse
Wrist braces

Just had bilateral wrist surgery. Like the wrist brace’s but they don’t stay cold for very long. Even when I freeze them

Daniel Gonzalez
Nearly 5 stars but...

Almost perfect- it does the job. So far, twice I've had to open and close where the string is. This is because the string gets stuck. Thanks for that Youtube video. Happy to share my review again in 3 months.

Kimberly Louthan

I love it.. i am a massage therapist and have wrist pain and am a big believer in ice!!!! I love that i can use the buttons to compress down to my liking!!

Clarence Eckerson
Ice is Best

Working great on the wrist and forearm. We love everything we have bought from Recoup!

Darin Barr
Great Product

Purchased this as my son was coming off a broken wrist. Definitely helped as he's begun to push himself back into shape.

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