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The Recoup Cold Roller

Ice + Massage

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Smarter recovery for athletes

Our Cold Roller is the first recovery product of its kind. Combining myofascial release (massage) and cryotherapy (icing) The product is an ideal replacement for ice cups. Easily massage any body part without the hassle or the mess. Versatile in use, it can also be unscrewed and used without the handle for hard to reach muscle groups. Place in the freezer for 2 hours and enjoy up to 6 hours of ice massage relief.


Now you can recover on the road. The Cold Roller is filled with 3.4 oz of cooling gel for safe travel.


The ice and massage capabilities replaces need for ice cups and foam rollers.


Place your Cold Roller in the freezer for 2 hours and enjoy up to 6 hours of cold massage recovery.


Recover your muscles faster after workouts for less injuries and better performance.


Freeze your Cold Massage Ball repeatedly for years of cold relief.


Never freeze cups again.

Lauren Sessleman - Olympic Bronze Medalist

“Playing soccer my entire life, shin splints were something I always have. On top of that, I tore my ACL and had to work my way back on the field. I was exposed to top products, but nothing like the Recoup Cold Roller. I could finally roll out my shins, getting rid of shin splints. For my ACL, I would sit with the Cold Roller on the back of my knee at home. The combination of cold and massage made my pain nonexistent.”

Kenny Anunike - Superbowl Champion

“After tearing my bicep, rolling up to my shoulder, I was always in pain. After meeting with Recoup and using their Cold Roller, the relief was immediate. For the first time in almost a year, the burning pain went away.”

Jack Skille - Professional Hockey Player

“Nothing helps me recover after a long day on the ice like the Recoup Cold Roller. I love that it’s easy to toss in my bag so I can use it to roll out my legs after every practice even when I’m on the road.”

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