Recoup's Athlete Corner: John Collinson, Big Mountain and Backcountry Skier

In this edition of Recoup's Athlete Corner, we're excited to introduce Recoup's partnership with John Collinson - Big Mountain & Backcountry Skier, accomplished mountaineer & exercise enthusiast from Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah. 


What's your favorite Mountain? "Alta/Snowbird are my home resorts, but love skiing all around the Wasatch, and up in British Columbia & Alaska, so dreamy!"

Favorite Ski Buddy? "Ohhhh there’s so many! Love shredding with the whole TGR crew really - good skiers and people."

Best/Worst Injury Story (tell us about your ACL injury/recovery) "Yea, had a bit of a string of knee injuries the past couple years. I tore my ACL in April 2018, spent the whole summer and fall recovering, and putting lots of time into it. I got back on snow for a few months, then re-ruptured the ACL in February 2019, had two surgeries for that one, so have spent the past year back in the gym getting back on my feet. Finally back on snow now and feels so good! Stoked to take it easy this year, hah."


How often do you train/workout? "The past couple of years with the heavy rehab pretty much lended to a gym a session every day, and those usually range anywhere from 2-8 hours per session. I've been learning a ton so it's been super fun."


How many days a week do you get out and ski (during season)? "Once we start traveling and filming we are skiing almost everyday, or 6 days a week. When I am at home depending on conditions I ski 5 times a week, probably." 

Who got you into skiing? Can you tell us a bit about your background in mountaineering? "My parents got me into skiing super young. My dad was a ski Patrol at Snowbird, so we grew up in employee housing at the resort, and the mountain became our playground. We always were backpacking and climbing in the summers & living out of a van since I was 4 - so as I got older the mountains got bigger too I guess!

When I was 17, I climbed the Seven Summits (the highest peak on each continent), so got to learn a bit about being in the big mountains, and have carried a bit of that climbing and skiing mentality through my career. I try to do at least one big climbing/skiing trip every year."


Give us a weird fact about you. "For some reason I am really picky about how I fold my socks and underwear… takes me way too long."

Favorite ski lodge food? "I do have a soft spot for chicken tenders… they are hard to resist if we ever end up eating in a lodge!"

A word or two about how you use Recoup? "I love the Cryosleeve - especially after big training sessions or longer days on the hill. It is really nice to throw on my knees to recover and still be able to move around and cook dinner or prep gear. The Cryosleeve has made it so I actually take the time to ice when I need it - instead of putting that on the back burner while I get other things done."

Off season sports? "I mostly like biking - road as well as mountain. Also definitely enjoy climbing & riding motorcycles."

Anything else we should tell the world about you? "Just stoked to be doing what I get to do! I think our bodies are pretty amazing, so it always feels good to see what they are capable of, and I just strive to take full advantage of that!"

Keep an eye out for Johnny as he bounces back fully from his knee recovery. We're excited to have him join the Recoup team as an extremely impressive athlete from the mountain to the gym. 



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