6 tools that will cut your recovery time by 50%

Cut your recovery time after a workout in half with these 6 post workout tools. These tools all use the basic recovery methods of compression, cold ice therapy, stretching, and massage to turn your muscle recovery up a notch.

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What You Need To Eat 30 Minutes After Your Workout

When to eat after a workout is one of the most important factors. Eating post workout in the 30 minutes after you workout is key for optimal recovery and fitness performance. Eat to recover and eat to train will help recover your muscles - Make sure you eat the right...

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A Change of Pace: The Fitness Benefits of Varying Your Running speed

Many people take up running and chose a single distance and run it hard every time they train, trying to set a new personal best each time. Other people try to increase their distance but never change their pace, "one-pace-wonders" so to speak. Training in this way will result in...

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