How To Run Safely During Coronavirus and Social Distancing

As most countries and states head to a shelter in place order, it is becoming harder and harder to get the exercise that we humans so desperately need. Yes, at home workouts are nice, but getting outside is a necessary part of staying sane. Most places still allow for outdoor exercise, so if you are a runner or looking to get into running, below are some best practices to keep you and others safe.


1. Don't Touch ANYTHING

This sounds silly, but really, touch only things that are ABSOLUTELY necessary. I live in an apartment building, so there are a hand full of doors I have to go through before getting outside. I do the ole "butt first" exit out of these doors. Or if there is a handle I use my knee or foot. Same with crosswalks, I avoid them at all costs, not even using the butt method or foot method.

The amount of cars out on the road has dropped dramatically, so while I am not saying "jaywalk" IF you were to cross on a red, you most likely will have plenty of opportunities without having to push the button.

Also, don't touch your face! Even if you haven't touched anything. It is best practice to just avoid touching your face at all cost. I wear a hat which helps to keep sweat from dripping down my forehead, so give that or a sweatband a shot and that should help you from reaching up to wipe your face off.

Crosswalk Button, don't touch!

2. Wear A Mask

Anything over your mouth will help prevent the spread of the virus. Most likely it won't protect you from someone else, but if everyone is wearing one then you are good to go! Still maintain that 6 foot distance from others though, mask or no mask. I wear a face cover that I use skiing, I have seen bandanas, t-shirts, literally anything is better than nothing. Here is a video from the CDC on how to make your own mask at home with a t-shirt and 2 rubber bands. Don't want to attempt your own? Below is a list of brands that have started to make their own masks for the public;

Please note, as you shop for face masks, please be responsible and only buy what you and your family need and do not stockpile resources. Most importantly, it's worth noting that using a face mask doesn't guarantee protection from COVID-19. You still run the risk of being infected if you constantly touch your face, don't wash your hands, or incorrectly remove your face mask. (The WHO has a video tutorial on how to properly wear and remove face masks). 

  1. Ball and Buck
  2. Maison Modular
  3. Alabama Chanin
  4. Daniel Patrick
  5. Citizens of Humanity
  6. New Egg Disposable Masks

3. Avoid Crowded Places

It is mind-blowing how many people are still hanging out in parks! Avoid parks like the plague. As someone who has many running routes that involve parks, I have had to get creative. Go see parts of your city you normally wouldn't see. Some cities have even been closing down streets so that people can run in the street. So go pretend you have your very own parade as you trot down the closed down streets, but DO NOT go to the parks.

Drone shot showing best routes to avoid crowds in Denver, Co.

4. Wash Your Hands

The last thing I do before I leave my house is wash my hands and the first thing I do when I return is wash my hands. It is pretty easy.. but I feel like some people might miss the first part. Remember you could be asymptomatic and be able to pass the virus without even knowing it.

Be safe out there and remember, DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING.


You can also watch this quick video to see some best practices for running during coronavirus. 


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