One of the most common misconceptions when it comes to knee injuries is that you cannot exercise, otherwise you could worsen your injury. While high intensity workout can do just that, exercise can help recovery if done properly. 

When exercising, you need to be sure to follow proper form and continue with icing and heating the injured area as needed. For example, it is important to warm up and stretch properly even more than usual when dealing with a knee injury. 

 Warm ups, such as short 5-10 minute rides on a stationary bike, can help get your knee prepared for other exercise so long as they are approved by your doctor. 

4 of the Best exercises for knee injury & pain


One of the lighter workouts you can do with a knee injury are leg raises. There are several types of leg raises including side leg raises, straight leg raises, and prone leg raises, giving you a bit of flexibility and variety to your workout while healing back to form. Regardless of the type of leg raises you include to your workout, they will help stretch out your muscles and help in recovery.


Another effective yet light workout is step ups. The biggest advantage of step ups is the ability to gradually increase the difficulty as you recover by increasing the height of the step you are using in your workout.


Unlike some of the other exercises on this list, wall squats can be more intensive so be sure to practice this carefully. Wall squats will help you stretch the knee and regain strength throughout your recovery and you are able to increase the time for each wall squat as you heal.


Calf raises are beneficial because you are able to get a good leg workout without putting too much stress on your legs. This will help you stay strong and in the routine of working out without having to worry about further injuring your knee.

How long to recover from a knee injury?

Knee injuries can vary greatly in severity. Depending on the severity of the injury, the recovery time can be anywhere from weeks to months, and even years.

In order to understand how to properly treat and manage injuries to the knee, it is important to understand the different types of injuries, their symptoms, and how to properly manage them.

For example, ACL injuries can take as long as a year, sometimes more, for professional athletes to fully recover while minor knee strains and sprains can take as little as 4 weeks.

The key to recovery in understanding how serious the injury is, and following recommended recovery procedures properly. 

Ice or Heat for a knee injury: What is Better?

Ice and heat work together during the recovery process. It's recommended that you ice your injury as soon as possible 20 minutes at a time, then apply heat for 15 minutes and rest. Continue this process for the next 48 to 72 hours to reduce swelling, inflammation, and pain. 

How to help prevent future knee injuries

Everyone who works out or is an amateur athlete faces the risk of a knee injury at some point in their career. Most of them get over the injury, but it’s always good to be prepared. 

The first thing you need to do is take a look at the health of your knees. There are a number of risk factors for knee injuries, such as lack of running mileage, too much pounding, and poor technique.

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