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What is Medial Epicondyle ("Golfer's Elbow")?

Medial Epicondylitis, also known as Golfer’s elbow, is a type of tendinitis that affects the elbow and forearm, effectuated by repetitive arm motions while clenching the wrist and forearm muscles. This injury causes pain in the forearm tendons near the elbow, potentially spreading through your arm and down to your wrist. However, with the golfer’s elbow, the pain radiates through the elbow inside rather than the outside. Golfer’s elbow can occur in many different kinds of people due to repeatedly clenching the wrist and forearm muscles. 


The forearm's flexor muscles, that help with grip strength, put stress on the common flexor tendon, that attaches to a bone at your elbow. Microscopic tears start to happen all throughout, when the stress is inflicted for long periods of time. This causes inflammation which is the origin of the initial pain of Golfer’s Elbow.

Treatment For Golfer's Elbow / Medial Epicondyle

The best way to manage pain and inflammation from Golfer's Elbow is combining ice and compression. Icing (10-15min) contracts the blood vessels, slowing down circulation and ceasing metabolic activity, thus subsiding inflammation and abating pain. As the muscle warms back up, blood vessels open wider than before, increasing circulation and metabolic activity to heal the injured area quickly.

Compression's main function is to engage a lymphatic flush. A lymphatic flush aids the body when it can’t rid itself of cellular waste during the healing process. The inflammation simply stays in the tissues, causing pain. If it can’t get out of the body, you can’t get better. Combining cryotherapy and compression therapy into one product expedites this recovery process. 


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Treatment For Golfer's Elbow


Relieve pain and swelling and promote healing and flexibility with RICE—Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation.

Rest. Rest and protect the injured or sore area. Stop, change, or take a break from any activity that may be causing your pain or soreness.

Ice. Cold will reduce pain and swelling. Use your Cryosleeve right away to prevent or minimize swelling. Treat the affected area for 10-20 minutes, 3 or more times a day.

Compression. Tighten your Cryosleeve using the BOA® Fit System dials to help decrease swelling. Adjust to your comfort level; too tight can cause more swelling below the affected area.

Elevation. Elevate the injured or sore area on pillows while applying cold treatment and anytime you are sitting or lying down.

cold compression treatment for golfers elbow




"I just started doing Crossfit, and the intense increase inactivity left me with a stress fracture in my shin and tendonitis in my elbows. The combination of both the cryosphere and cryosleeve has helped me reduce pain and cut down the recovery time to get back in the gym, I bought the 14.5 -17 inch sleeve, and it is big enough for my shin but can also be tightened enough to compress my arm. The cryosphere works great for massaging muscles and I love it for rolling the arches of my feet. My roommate keeps hogging the cryosleeve to treat his golfer's elbow, so I will be getting a second one so we both can use it and so I can treat multiple body parts at one time."- Kevin N.


"I have golfers elbow and have tried ice packs and other thing to help out. When I saw this I knew I finally found what I was looking for.It stays cold for a long time, and the adjustable pressure is an added bonus. Really happy, and I highly recommend this product."- Jon M.


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