The Swiss Army Knife of Recovery

In 1897, using his talent and a knack for innovation, Karl Elsener finished designing and patented the Swiss Army Knife. The knife's unrivaled versatility, portability, affordability and ease of use made the tool a favorite of soldiers around the world.

At Recoup Fitness, we imagine ourselves in a very similar situation as Elsener.  Just as the world was beginning to realize the utility of the multi-tool knife in the late 1800's, the world is now beginning to realize the importance of fitness recovery tools. We've seen the advent of foam rollers, post-workout icing, massage devices,  and more. Our society is realizing that fitness isn't just about hard work but smart recovery.

Elsener combined the tools of his day into one device and we are doing the same with the Cryosphere.

The Cryosphere can relax tense hamstrings, quads, and IT bands just like the foam roller, but does so in a device designed to fit in your hand. It excels in portability, something that the foam roller lacks, and allows you to massage both your upper and lower body in a way no other device can.

The ball can be removed from our two part device and used like a lacrosse or tennis ball would be. This is particularly helpful in treating foot strains or injuries such as plantar fasciitis.

Our design also allows you to ice while you massage. This helps reduce inflammation and improve recovery while the massage increases blood flow and makes for the faster removal metabolic waste and release of tense muscles. Frozen like your typical ice pack, the Cryosphere will stay cool for 6 hours.

And these are only a few of many ways to use the Cryosphere .

Through its portability and versatility, the Swiss army knife found uses far beyond the military. In the same way, we hope that the Cryosphere doesn't only become an excellent tool for athletes and the fitness elite, but also one that fits the needs of others in unexpected places.

We designed the Cryosphere to help physical therapists alleviate injuries of all sorts.

Our device is the perfect size to fit in a desk drawer and be used by office workers to recover from carpal tunnel and increase blood flow to stiff legs.

Its portability even makes it well suited to backpacking, giving the hiker a well-deserved massage.

Elsener recognized a need of his day, and his contract with the Swiss army provided the kindling for his  sleek design to catch like brush fire. Now today, Recoup has recognized our society's pressing need for physical recovery. Whether you are recovering from a  workout, and injury, or just the stress from your busy schedule, we hope that the Cryosphere can catch on through the same versatility, portability, affordability and ease of use that made the Swiss army knife so great.

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