Don't Forget About IT Bands

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What Are Shin Splints and Causes?

“Between 30-70% of runners get injured every year and as many as 35% of those injuries are shin splints” -Paul Ingraham Pain Science   Accordin...

Preparing For A Marathon

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Get To Know Plantar Fasciitis

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The Importance of Sport

What makes sports and athletics so important? This article explores 4 ways sports participation is valuable to everyone.

A Change of Pace: The Fitness Benefits of Varying Your Running speed

Shift gears and get the most out of training by varying your pace! Learn the benefits of running at different speeds and add variety to your training!

6 Tips for a Successful Marathon

Whether you are looking to complete your first marathon, know someone who is, or are trying to set a new personal best, here are 6 tips to help you make it to the finish line and achieve your goals.

Recovery: The Foundation of Fitness

Improve your recovery routine and make your hard work pay off with these tips based on the training of Michael Phelps and other elite athletes.

Overcoming Fear and Achieving Your Fitness Goals (2 minute read)

"...Fear can lead us to treat our bodies like foes to overcome rather than valued allies...Trust your body...Trust is a remedy for fear."

5 Items Needed for Your Fitvolution

These 5 revolutionary companies are changing the fitness game. Don't miss out on these amazing new products !

3 Ways Myofascial Release Speeds up Recovery

Myofascial release is simply a fancy term for what happens when you receive a massage. Professional massages are expensive however, which leads many people to turn to self-massage for exercise recovery. Here are 3 ways Myofascial release improves your recovery.

Dynamic Stretching Circuit

In this article you will find numerous videos of different exercises. Incorporate these into your stretching routine to build strength, increase mobility, and improve flexibility.